ACM Plaque - Speed Limit

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ACM Plaques - End of Line stock, Limited numbers.
Sizes available - 300 x 450mm

Speed Limit 10
Speed Limit 20
Speed Limit 30
Speed Limit 40
Speed Limit 50
Speed Limit 60
Speed Limit 70
Speed Limit 80

ACM plaque 300 x 450mm

ACM - End of Line stock

300 x 450mm

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ACM Plaque - Speed Limit

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  • Prices can be confirmed once final artwork details are known; all prices are GST exclusive.
  • The manufacturing time required 10 working days from receipt of order & confirmation of your artwork.
  • A 20% bullet fee is charged for all jobs required within less than 5 working days.
  • Please advise any deadline you may have & where possible we will work to meet this.
  • I look forward to completing this valued work when we have received your instructions.

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