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We manufacture a huge variety of badges here at Emblems NZ. Your new badges will be made from the highest quality materials with the greatest individual attention to detail. Perfect for schools, corporates and clubs... perfect for everyone.

First thing is to have a good idea of what you require. We have basically four main product lines click on the image below that most closely resembles what you are after.

Once you have decided what you are after move to the corresponding page...If you are not exactly sure what you need feel free to browse all four pages or to contact one of our friendly sales people to help you out. If you need badges you are on the right web site.

Name Badges

Metal Badges

Button Badges

Printed School Badges




All badges meant  for wearing will require some sort of fitting.


We have a range of fittings available to suit most needs.

• Brooch; these are the standard fitting and made with a stainless steel pin.

 Tie Grip; this type of fitting converts your name badge into a handy tie grip.

 Combination Clip; this fitting has a vertical clip for a pocket and safety pin all in one.

• Magnetic Fitting; one of the most popular fittings.